Witch Definition Tote Bag

Witch Definition Tote Bag

If you have ever been asked to define a Witch you will appreciate this bag, makes that all so simple just point and say read this. On a serious note it is humorous and holds a seed of truth, it will challenge some people who never will get it, so lets educate the masses, what do you say?

Printed on the bag:


-noun - gender neutral

Practitioner of Witchcraft.

Often found chanting and dancing around

a bonfire. Collector of Crystals and Cats.

Appreciative of Drumming and

a good bottle of Mead.


Tote bag available in either Black or Purple.


Handle length 67cm. Dimensions 38 x 42cm

Capacity 10 Litres




    Tote Bag Colour
    Vinyl Colour