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Handmade with soy wax with a sweet wild berries scent. A wonderful burst of sun-ripened berries captured in this rich fragrance especially designed for candle making. A sweet, juicy, fruity accord with soft apple notes blended with lush fruity notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, dewberry and raspberry, lifted with a touch of green leaf.


Please note all of this candles are handmade from natural materials whenever possible and therefore every one is unique and there might be slight variations in colour or appearance.

It will burn for at least 16 hours.

Frosting/Blooming - If you notice any type of cristallisation around the container, do not worry, it is a natural reaction of soy wax, and it does not affect burning or scent in any way.

All my candles and melts are fully CLP compliant.

Wild Berries Container Candle

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