Velvet Peony and Oud Jar Candle

Velvet Peony and Oud Jar Candle

Made with soy wax and wood wicks with a very lovely scent  of old books in a glass jar container.  This fragrance is a stunning rich warm fragrance with Damask Rose, Smoky Oud wood with a hint of Praline. Perfect for a relaxing night in with a fragrance that will fill your room with a warm and cosy fragrance.


Please note all of this candles are handmade from natural materials whenever possible and therefore every one is unique and there might be slight variations in colour or appearance.


It will burn for minimum of 30 hours.

For optimal burn make sure to let the candle melt pool reach the edges of the container on the first burn. To make you candle burn for longer and without smoke make sure to keep the wick nice and trimmed before you light it.


Woodwicks can take a little bit more work, but the extra effort is so worth it. After the first burn you might find it a little harder to relight, just make sure you trim the wick, remove all the burnt bits that are loose and remove them from the candle. That way when you go to relight you candle, the flame will have more chance to reach unburnt wood and catch more easily.


Frosting/Blooming - If you notice any type of crystallisation around the container, do not worry, it is a natural reaction of soy wax, and it does not affect burning or scent in any way.


All my candles and melts are fully CLP compliant.

Never leave a candle burning unattended and keep away from children and pets. Try not to move it after it is lit and keep it away from drafts.

Make sure to trim the wick by removing all the burnt bits from the wood wick in between burns and that no debris is left in the melt pool for optimum burning. 

To prevent the container from getting too hot, it is advised not to burn a candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

Stop burning when only 1/2" of wax remains at the bottom.


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